VideoBlog: Life Design – Does Your Home Inspire and Support You?

Hi guys!

In my last post about gaining a few pounds this winter, I mentioned that I was going to do a series of posts going over some little strategies I try to implement in my life when trying to take care of myself better. I decided to call these strategies “Life Design”, because it’s really all about designing a life that fills you up in every way.

Today I have the first of those posts… in video form!

I even added a fun little shin-dig at the beginning. The volume may be a little screwy so I’m sorry if One Republic starts blasting in your office 🙂

Today’s topic is all about how important our physical environment is to our health. Does your home make you feel inspired, at ease and peaceful? Or does it make you feel dull, chaotic and stressed?

Check out the video which explains why this matters so much. And I’d love to hear your thoughts as always. Enjoy!! Xo.

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 4.46.23 AM


Does your home/apartment/office support you living a healthy life? What is one change you can make to your physical space to spruce it up and make you feel how you want to feel every day? 


8 thoughts on “VideoBlog: Life Design – Does Your Home Inspire and Support You?

  1. Again, your words have really hit home. I especially love that Nate Berkus quote, his words are so true. The more beautiful your life is, the more you enjoy it and everyone is worth a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing life!!

  2. You read my mind this weekend! I spent all day yesterday cleaning and rearranging my living room. It feels so good to relax in a clean home and enjoy using my furniture and viewing my space from a new perspective (literally!). It’s also encouraging me to start having friends over more often now that I’m proud of my space again. 🙂

  3. while i agree w/ your overall premise of needing to feel as secure and centered as possible in our daily lives, i’m troubled that at least part of the answer seems to lie in buying things to make ourselves feel this way. it seems rather mateialistc in some ways. i don’t have to clean off my table because i can’t afford to buy a table. yes my clothes are stacked on the floor but i can’t afford a chest of drawers to put them in. no i don’t have a sink overflowing with dirty dishes because i just have 1 bowl to eat from. do i spend money on the above and not healthy food? do i continue to beat myself up because i can’t afford to buy the “necessaties” let alone nice things? i do that all enough as it is. wouldn’t it be better to focus finding that inner peace within me – somehow???? not that i have been sucessful doing it mind you. but when you have to flee a long term domestic situation w/ basically nothing there is simply not much to work w/ and telling me to purchase my way out is not helping or practical..

    • hi jacquie, im really sorry if you felt like i was saying that it was necessary to buy material things to make your home feel peaceful. that’s definitely not the case and material things are absolutely not necessary to feel a sense of peace. the point is to try to do things that aim to bring the “secure and centered” feelings that you talked about. given your situation, i can only imagine how hard this must be, and doing the best you can each day (while trying not to beat yourself up) is the most you can ask of yourself.

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