Intuitive Eating Challenge

The sign up for the April Intuitive Eating Challenge is now closed. Please email me if you’d like to get on the next list! 

On February 1st, I started running the first 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge. 45 brave souls decided that they wanted to work on their relationship to food, their weight, and themselves.  And in March, we did it again, and made it even more thorough. We added coaching calls and a mid-way group call. Starting April 1st we will be doing it again.

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Here is more information about the challenge:

The point of the 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge is to make steps toward becoming more Intuitive Eaters. This means:

– breaking the Diet Mentality

– taking a hard look at Emotional Eating and reducing the amount of times we eat for emotional reasons.

– listening to our own bodies instead of outside rules telling us what and when we should eat

– eating what we want when we are hungry and learning how to be truly satisfied with our food choices

– respecting when our bodies are full and satisfied and reducing the amount of times we overeat

The Challenge is for you if: 

– you feel like you constantly need to control your diet and exercise

– you deprive yourself and then overeat/binge

– you often times eat for reasons other than pure hunger

– you know what you “should” eat to lose weight, but aren’t able to

– you feel guilty when eating unhealthy food

– you have a constant chatter in your head telling you what you “should” and “shouldn’t” eat and you just want it to stop

Here is what the challenge entails: 

– Three 15 minute one-on-one coaching calls with me. One will be before the challenge starts. During this call, we will hone in on your personal, specific struggles with emotional eating, overeating, controlling your diet, and intuitive eating and figure out how you should personally approach the challenge to get the most out of it. The second 15 minute call will be a checkpoint in the middle to touch base on how the program is going for you and any questions that you have. The last call is at the end. This will give us a chance to debrief and recap how the challenge went for you, discuss any questions you have, and talk about how you can work on being more Intuitive in your life going forward.

Daily newsletters from me that arrive in your inbox every single morning at 6am. Each newsletter outlines a different topic and lesson pertaining to Intuitive Eating and challenges you to try to incorporate the lesson into your life from that day going forward. The newsletters have a flow to them – they strategically guide you so that the lessons can build on one another.

Personal one-on-one coaching with me through email. I respond within 24 hours and coach you through your own personal struggles, questions, and successes. Some people like to email me daily to check in, others email me with road bumps or situations that are specific to their own lives and schedules.

Access to the private Intuitive Eating Challenge Facebook Group. This has been really active with each group- people have posted pictures of their food, how they are taking the lessons each day and incorporating them into their day-to-day, “ah ha” moments that they have, and questions for the group. It is not mandatory to be part of this group if you want to remain private. 

The cost of the Challenge for the month of April is $49.

The challenge starts April 1st and fills up pretty quickly. If you’re interested and want to be on the list, please email me at

I can’t wait to have you be a part of it 🙂

What people are saying about the Challenge:

“The Intuitive Eating Challenge was exactly what I needed when I decided I need to address my emotional eating. I looked forward to the reassuring emails each morning, and they totally set the tone for my day. I loved how real Jamie was – her examples really hit home and made sense. Jamie is helping me change my relationship with food. I’m no longer scared of social outings, eating food that’s “not so good” for me, or giving my body what it craves. By releasing those stressors, I’ve been much more able to treat my body correctly, let go of anxiety, and lead a much more relaxed and happy lifestyle. I’m not perfect, but I’m working on it!” – Clare Brady, Feb IE Challenger and Blogger over at Fitting It All In

“I just wanted to email you and say THANKS so much for the I.E challenge! I may not have eaten exactly intuitively the entire time but I have definitely learning a lot about myself and my habits! I think the biggest take away for me is the hunger/fullness factor and noticing when those two things are present in my life. I find myself constantly reaching for snacks and putting them down because I stop and say Am I really hungry? I realize im not and walk away. It is soooo freeing and empowering to be aware of my feelings towards food! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was an AMAZING experience and I know that these tools will stay with me forever!” – Lily B., Feb IE Challenger

“I began applying Jamie’s daily food challenges not only to my eating habits but to my exercise habits (and even more personal habits) that I felt could use some attention and fine tuning.  I have beee shining a spotlight on my behaviors and beliefs about food, exercise, spending, mothering, etc.  By purposefully making time each day to focus on myself I have learned more about what my “needs” are vs my “wants.”  How do my compulsive behaviors help me and how do they choke me?  What makes me feel good!?  What makes me feel guilty?  When is enough…enough?  When does more = better?

It has been an amazing journey allowing myself to have more choices and to realize that I am living instinctively close to where I would like to be.  Best of all, I have begun to trust in my abilities to find the right personal answers to the changes that will inevitably happen.  Nothing remains the same for long so why be stuck in one way thinking about food, exercise, relationships, work etc?   If you love eating out then do it often but mindfully.  Learn more about what is in the foods you choose and strive to understand portions better, etc.   Lean on those around you for guidance and inspiration but trust what lives inside you for answers.” -Corrinn Gutierrez, Feb IE Challenger

“Almost two weeks into the challenge and I’ve already lost three pounds!  I think the biggest driver for me has been getting rid of my structured eating schedule.  During the work week I typically eat breakfast at 8:30 AM, lunch at noon, a snack at 3 PM and dinner at 6 PM.  I always follow this schedule irrespective of whether I’m actually hungry or not.  On the weekends I typically don’t get hungry until 11 AM, but during the work week I force myself to follow this eating structure and “wake up” my stomach well before its ready.  As a result, I eat more meals during the work week than my body wants or needs.  It’s so much easier to follow a structure than actually listening to your body, but the challenge has kind of forced me to start paying attention to my hunger cues.  Actually seeing weight loss results has been a huge deal for me because it reinforces that I am able to listen to my body and more importantly, gives me confidence that my body knows what it’s doing.” – Deva Mohammad, Feb IE Challenger

“Dear Jamie, I enjoy your morning email, it’s like a pep talk, it reminds me every day how important it is to listen to myself and behave in an intuitive way. We think that if we can only organize our meals everything will fall into place and we will be able to get rid of bad habits etc., but your teaching and guidance in the intuitive eating challenge showed me that it is important to listen to,our cravings and love our self. Thank you. You are an inspiration.” – Orna Stern, Feb IE Challenger

“Before I met Jamie, I was actually already very familiar with the principles of Intuitive Eating, and I even felt comfortable in my journey to become an intuitive eater. However, participating in Jamie’s Intuitive Eating challenge gave me something I’d never be able to get from reading a book. The challenge offers support and community. While many people don’t understand what intuitive eating is, taking the challenge with others guarantees that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals. And when it comes to trying something new, being surrounded by an environment of support is one of the most important factors for success.”- Haley C., Feb IE Challenger and blogger over at The Saucy Apple

“I am currently doing Jamie’s IE program and I highly recommend it! For someone who has struggled with food since college, I have found this program to be extremely eye-opening and beneficial. Jamie provides awesome advice, motivational emails and is a great health coach. The price is a steal for the insights you receive ” – Becky Klapman, Feb IE Challenger, blogger over at Olives ‘n Wine

“I’ve found that I’ve been eating much less these last few weeks because I stopped being held to three meals a day. I had a HUGE lunch (with ice cream) yesterday and then decided I just wanted toast with smoked salmon for dinner because that’s all I was hungry for. Before I would have ordered (and eaten) a full meal. It’s also helped me to take the pressure of exercise off of myself. I usually feel more guilty about exercise than food because I use it as my “excuse” to eat whatever I want. I’ve realized that I hate running in the winter in the cold so I’ve stopped. Instead, I’m trying to walk, take the stairs, and run only when I feel like it. It’s a huge relief and is making me excited for the warm weather when I will really want to run again!” – Kate Sampson, Feb IE Challenger

“For the first time in my life I am paying attention to MY well-being and not thinking it’s self-centered!” – Kathy Skinner, Feb IE Challenger

“It’s been a really fulfilling week for me. This week I was stuck at home recouping a neck injury and worked from home. I did not leave the house for four days and ate whatever I want. It was really interesting! For one, my eating schedule was actually very similar to that during the work week. So, it looks like I was already listening to my body there! One thing I thought was interesting was the fact that I did not snack nearly as much as I do in the office. This was a big wake up call, I must have been mindless eating! I made a nice dinner for my husband and I each night AND ate a nice dessert that my husband brought home nightly. I truly enjoyed these things!

The best part? I actually maintained my weight! I was shocked when I stepped on the scale yesterday that I maintained for the past week. I have not been able to work out and had eaten whatever I please. Including indulgent dinners and desserts!” – Katie Adams, Feb IE Challenger, blogger over at Live Half Full


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