Currently I’m…

This “Currently, I’m…” theme has been going around the blog world and I thought I’d partake. I love hearing bits and pieces about other peoples lives and getting to share some of mine with you, especially since I haven’t been blogging as much these days.

Currently, I’m….


A plain old laid-back, normal weekend in NYC. I have been all over the place these past few weekends, and am also going to be going away this weekend. I’m really looking forward to finally being back in the city toward the end of the month, having more laid back weekends, and hangin’ with my friends in the hopefully warmer weather.

Traveling to…

Florida! Okay, can’t complain here. I am heading to my parents house in Florida today for a few days and can’t wait.


This book. You guys can probably tell that I am a self-development, self-discovery junkie by now. It’s just what I love. I’m fascinated by people, life, and new ways to look at things. I guess it makes sense that I am a coach.


This book is all about getting clear on your core desired feelings as your goals vs. having hard-set goals like a six figure business or the right man. It has already shifted how I set intentions for what I want in my life.


The Bachelor. Seriously, already feeling a void since the Finale on Monday. What to do on Monday nights without Sean? I’m honestly not sure yet.


Both this:


And this:


Balance, I guess? I equally love ice cream and spinach.

Excited by…

My new website that I’ve been working on with the most amazing web developers. I searched for a while for the right fit in terms of who to work with, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision and how things look so far. I can’t wait to show it to you guys soon!


My brother is getting married at the end of the summer and wedding planning is kicking in to high gear. I will be busy being the best bridesmaid I can be to Mara (his fiance) and the most supportive sister I can be to my brother over the next few months and am getting SO excited about everything that entails.


(my bro and Mara)


Spring clothes.. they’re the best. So many cute things out there!! I keep “treating myself” to new clothes and at some point I need to stop. I’ve been pinning and dreaming on my Style Pinterest board:


Having fun with…

My ridiculously long hair. My hair is the longest it has been, maybe ever, and it’s like I have to learn about it all over again. I actually watch YouTube videos about cool and fun hairstyles for very very long and thick hair (I have never been into this stuff before but suddenly am). And then I try to replicate, laugh, try to fix it with lots of bobby pins, and realize just how much room I have for improvement. I did learn how to do a fishtail braid to myself the other day though… Props!

Listening to…

A lot of Spotify… loving this song in particular right now:

What about you??

What are you craving/traveling to/loving/planning/excited by/missing/etc….?

A reminder about the April Intuitive Eating Challenge. Email me at with “April IE Challenge” in the subject line to get on the list!

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