Final Day Reflections on The Feb 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge and GiveAway Winner

I want to cry! The Feb Challenge is over.

You guys may know by now that I am the sappiest person alive, so of course I am getting emotional as I just typed up my last daily email to the Feb Challengers.

The 21 Day Feb Intuitive Eating Challenge has been my baby since one sleepless night in January when the idea hit me at 2am like a load of bricks. I wanted to start to express to you guys and to my clients what I really honestly believe is the way to approach our eating, weight and body issues. I don’t believe in diets, but I do believe in US, in listening to ourselves. And I decided to take a chance and just start talking about Intuitive Eating.

And the Feb group took a chance and gave it a shot.

I am so inspired by the Feb group. They have shared so much with me about their own issues, have supported each other, have celebrated their successes, have pushed themselves way outside of their comfort zones, and have opened themselves up to a whole new way of thinking.

They have struggled, they’ve questioned things, they’ve taken steps backward, they’ve gotten tripped up. And so have I. All the time.

But it felt like a real community. I knew that when I had a hard time with something, I could share it with them. And when I was proud of something, they’d be open ears. And I think everyone felt that way.

Each email I sent meant something different to each person. Some concepts resonated big time with some people, and other concepts made an impact on other people. Everyone took something else away from it.

But I think at the end of the day, I realize that what people have said they took away from it was a new perspective, a release of control, guilt and judgement, a sense of awareness of themselves that they had been ignoring for a long time, a desire to feel really good in their own skin, and a trust in themselves that they know the right answers for what they need. (If you want to read  what some of them have said about the challenge, there are a bunch of quotes from them at the bottom of this page)



And just like that… the 21 days are over. Thank you to my February group for inspiring me more than you know and allowing me to come into your lives for the past 21 days. You are all amazing, courageous and I am really proud of all of the accomplishments you’ve all seen in the last few weeks.

And for the March challengers… get ready!! 🙂 The sign up closes today at 6pm so if you’d like to still sign up, I can still take a couple more people today. Check out this page if you’re interested. 

Finally, the winner of the Chocolate Giveaway is:


Joanne, I love that “self love” comment! I’ll email you to get your address and these chocolate bars will be on your way!


3 thoughts on “Final Day Reflections on The Feb 21 Day Intuitive Eating Challenge and GiveAway Winner

  1. Dear Jamie, It’s a bitter sweet day for me. I will miss you morning email, I will miss your reminder of intuitive life ( it’s not about eating only) we know it by now. I am glad I took part in the challenge. I will be in Ct next week MOnday till Wednesday. If you want to meet , we could or at the end of the week I will be in NY. all the best Orna

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