Chocolate Giveaway: With Love from Me to You

Happy Valentines Day!!

I got you a little present.

It’s really cliche, but I couldn’t resist.

Look how pretty!


Everyone needs a little chocolate, and this is my favorite kind.

I’ve tried almost every flavor and they all have their perks. Some are spicy, some minty, some are strong, some more mild, some fruity, some nutty.

So I chose six flavors and they’re all yours.


I wanted to share some love on this Valentines Day because you have all been so good to me over the past year. It’s because of your support for this blog that I now have my own business and am doing something I love. It’s because of you that I have this outlet to share my thoughts and experiences, and it’s because of your openness that I have the opportunity to try to help some of you in making positive changes in your lives.

I think I owe you a few more chocolate bars for that.


I hope that you take some time today to not only show your love for everyone around you, but to also take some time to love on yourself. Do something just for you today. Because loving yourself should be your number one priority. It is only when you really love yourself and fill up your own bucket that you can show everyone else how much you truly love them.


And now I’m rambling about love, so I’ll stop and just cut to the chocolate chase.

To enter in the giveaway for these Chocolove Chocolate bars, just leave a comment on this post telling me one way you’re going to love yourself today. It could be anything… from eating something you love to listening to your favorite music while driving home. Whatever it is that fills up your bucket. Share it with me!

AND if you’d like to tweet about it, you get an extra entry. Just tweet something about the giveaway and add my twitter handle in there (@studioeats14) and the link to this post so that I know you’ve tweeted.

I’ll keep this giveaway open for 4 or 5 days and will announce the winner mid-week next week.

YAY for chocolate and for this day of love and especially for you.

And if you haven’t signed up for myΒ 21 Day March Intuitive Eating Challenge, but are interested, go on and sign up! We are getting an amazing group going and I can’t wait for it to kick off.



36 thoughts on “Chocolate Giveaway: With Love from Me to You

  1. I’m going to Florida today and have a really special Valentines dinner w mom; and because of your post, I’m going to really focus on enjoying the accomplishment of having a wonderful place in Florida and a great family to share it with! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day pretty lady!! πŸ™‚ Great idea for comments! Although I try most days, today I will focus on not feeling guilty if I stray from clean eating. I will not beat myself up. I will enjoy, savor and move on! xoxo

  3. Volunteering during my lunch to give some love treats to the kids where I work . No better way to feel good.
    The cherry chocolate bar sounds amazing! Antioxidant heaven!

  4. Love me some chocolate! Today, I’m going to go on a Starbucks date with myself, probably get a cake pop, and then take a nice bath later πŸ™‚ Happy valentine’s day!

  5. I’m going to buy myself some new workout clothes! I bought a spin class package at the beginning of the year and I’ve been going every Saturday–even when I didn’t feel like it. Now I need some new clothes to show off to up my motivation to keep going πŸ™‚ ❀ Happy Valentine's Day and congrats to a year of success!

  6. I am going to go to a kickboxing class after work before I head home to my lovely roommates and celebrate our love with some wine!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day! I treated myself by giving myself the rest of the day (took off from work) to just relax, enjoy, and just take a moment to myself (and don’t forget about the chocolate!) πŸ˜‰
    m8usi at yahoo dot com

  8. I am taking it easy today to give myself some stress relief. Work’s piling up (there’s still about 21 things left to do) but I’m not going to drive myself nuts trying to finish everything.

  9. I made my little brother (5 years old) a valentines card who he is guessing still is from his ‘girlfriend’; Isla. He then had to get taken to the hospital to find out that his tonsillitis has returned just before his operation his due to take place on Friday that one valentines card made his day and made mine too!! Along with spending a day with my Granny who had come from Scotland to see me after loosing her husband my grandad to cancer over 1 year ago cheered me up very much cheering up 3 very special people i my life; my brother, grandmums and me. ❀

  10. we ate out for dinner on valentine’s day and ordered dessert just to try the “surprise” option on the menu! it was so much fun!

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