My 100th Post and a Give Away!

This is the 100th Post that I’ve written for StudioEats. Hard to believe that a little idea a year ago turned into a whole lot more– you guys know more about me than I ever would have thought I’d share, and the support has been incredible. Thank you so much for continuing to read. This is so fun for me and I love connecting with all of you.

SO, since it’s my 100th post, I thought I’d do a little Give Away. I’ve been waiting to do this one for a while now, and I figure I might as well today.

So I have to admit, I am really picky about what cereal I eat. I don’t like to eat a lot of processed food, and to be honest, most cereals are pretty processed. But there are a couple of cereals that I love, that are made with just a few whole ingredients, and that I can trust. Erewhon brand is thankfully a brand I have found that makes cereals that I actually love to keep on hand.

A common breakfast for me these days… Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal with Blackberries and Banana:


Check out the ingredients in the Buckwheat and Hemp Cereal:

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 10.25.07 PM

(sourced from Attune Foods Website)

You really can’t get more simple and straightforward than that. All of the cereals from Erewhon are JUST like this. Very simple, easy to pronounce, wholesome ingredients.

I first tried Erewhon cereals with the Buckwheat and Hemp variety when we were sent home from the Healthy Living Summit with a box to try out. Immediately, I emailed Attune Foods (the parent company to Erewhon) to see if they would be willing to send me a few boxes as a Give Away and also let me try a couple of new kinds. Since I hardly ever find cereal that I really like, I was SO excited about this one.

They were happy to send me a few items, so here we are today!



So what do I have for ya?


  • 1 box of Buckwheat and Hemp (this one is New, and it’s simply amazing. It’s the one in all of my pictures above)
  • 1 box of Strawberry CrispΒ (haven’t tried this one myself, but I trust that it is equally as good!)
  • 1 box of Crispy Brown Rice, No Salt Added (<– I tried this one out and I loved having it to add volume to a lot of different concoctions that I threw together. It’s really light (think Rice Krispies), but made from brown rice!)
  • 1 coupon for ANOTHER free box of Buckwheat and Hemp cereal

I’d also like to add that these are ALL Gluten Free. I don’t keep a GF diet, but I know some of you guys do, so it’s just nice to know that these all are.

So there you go! 4 things in 1 Giveaway.

And to enter, just leave a comment below telling me how you like to enjoy your cereal. With fruit? Straight up with milk? In yogurt? Lemme know yo! I’ll keep the Giveaway open until next Monday, 12/24 and will choose a winner then.


17 thoughts on “My 100th Post and a Give Away!

  1. congratulations, whoa a year. Time do fly, Your posts are fresh and it’s hard to believe that it’s a year. Keep up with the healthy news. As for your request, I like my cereal with skim milk, berries and cinnamon.

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! Keep them coming. I like to keep my cereal simple with just a few crushed walnuts and a handful of goji berries.

  3. Whoa, 100 posts – AWESOME! Congrats lady πŸ™‚ I like my cereal with greek yogurt, always. Gotta get that protein punch in the morning! Strawberry Crisp would probably taste great with Vanilla Chobani!

  4. Listen lady, I can eat cereal ALL the time. The way I enjoy cereal is with yogurt (coffee flavoured), a dab of PB, and a banana, drowned in almond milk. YUM Oh–did I mention that I can eat cereal all the time?? lol….thanks! and way 2 go!! Love your blog…

  5. i like frosted flakes, fruit loops, lucky charms and essentially every other sugary cereal ever created. However, after reading Jamie’s posts I’m willing to try this healthy junk.

  6. I can not wait until you hit 1,000 post! I look forwarded to reading your blog,
    when ever you post.
    I like cereal for dinner,too!(I wonder how many people will admit that!)

  7. I am a cereal monster right now-seriously, it’s my favorite food! I love to mix it with blueberries, plain greek yogurt, and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk-yum!

  8. I like my cereal as an evening snack πŸ™‚ Lil’ gluten-free goodness with milk or plain yogurt, sometimes honey and cinnamon. Congrats on hitting 100!

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