WIAW {12.12.2012} My Friends Feed Me Well

Yesterday was a good day. And a GREAT food day. Added bonus– my friends cooked me 90% of my food, which makes it that much better. I am one lucky girl.

I ate some really really delicious stuff, so let’s get right to it. If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook Page, you’ve already seen most of this, but here we go anyway.  Thanks, Jenn for some more WIAW love.

Starting off on the right foot, I headed to Amanda’s for brunch. She knows exactly what I like and served me my favorite breakfast in the entire world. Toast, soft poached eggs, smoked salmon, fruit, and french press coffee. I mean, what else do you need?


We chatted for a few hours while slowly eating and drinking a couple cups of coffee.


My situation:


I then headed to my first class. At around 4:00, I had some time to kill before my second class so I stopped in to a cafe to get something decadent. Mmmm hmmm, decadent. I was in the mood for some tea and a dessert, so I went for it.


This is the house cheesecake from Cafe Angelique. Holy guacamole.

As I was debating with the waiter about what I should order, the lady sitting next to me was like “you should really order that cheesecake. It is SO good. And it’s pretty light.” Oh really? It’s light? Perfect.


After the first half a bite, I knew that this cheesecake was not light, no it was not light at all. But it was one of the better things I have eaten in a while and I enjoyed every second of it. Along with Ginger tea. On my way out I asked the waiter, “do you guys ALWAYS have that cheesecake here?”. Thankfully, they do. I shall return.

After my second class, I got home at around 7:45 and headed to Katie’s where Nana’s Mac & Cheese awaited me. My friends rock.



She even fed me vegetables. Thank god, because If I go a day without vegetables, I slightly freak out.


I ate this times three. You don’t mess around with Nana’s mac & cheese:


This is Katie’s grandmother’s famous Mac and Cheese, hence the name “Nana’s mac”. it is the one thing Katie knows how to cook and man, she does it well. She said she would leave the recipe in the comments section below so you guys all have it. It’s made with pure, simple ingredients and hits the spot every single time. I grew up going to Katie’s for Nana’s mac all the time during middle school and high school. This dish has been around forever, and never lets us down.

I ended the night with a couple squares of peppermint dark chocolate.


The day was decadent, delicious and I feel so grateful to have friends who cook for me. Although I love cooking, it’s the best feeling to sit back and just enjoy something someone else made for you.

And now it’s Wednesday! Time to kick off the day. Have a good one 🙂

10 thoughts on “WIAW {12.12.2012} My Friends Feed Me Well

  1. I am very sorry to have kept any fans of Nana’s Mac and cheese waiting! This is my first attempt at writing a recipe so all I can guarantee is slight confusion.

    Here goes –


    1.5 boxes of elbow macaroni (or any other pasta shape – shells will crunch on top and those fussili shapes are nice on the bottom)

    Cheddar cheese – I recommend a good sharp white. As for amounts, all I can say is at least the equivalent to 1.5 sticks of Cracker Barrel cheese.

    Regular bread crumbs – About a half cup

    Butter – about 2 tablespoons

    Whole milk – approx 1/2 cup with another dash or two (explained later)

    Salt – the flakes or kosher salt recommended


    Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Cook the pasta, strain it and run under cold water. Cut the cheese into smallish cubes (about 1 cm).

    1. In a large casserole dish, put down a layer of pasta that covers the area, salt the pasta, and then cover in cheese cubes.
    2. Repeat step 1 until all pasta is used.
    3. Melt the butter and mix together with breadcrumbs so they are slightly moist. Cover the top with breadcrumbs.
    4. Pour in the milk – starting with a half cup. This is the tricky part. You don’t want too much milk or it will be milky and too little makes the Mac crunchy. SO start with the half cup and then add a little more so you can just see the milk at the bottom of the pan when looking at the sides. I would say no more than a few more dashes after that half cup but this is the part that will screw you up! Good luck!
    5. Put the Mac in the oven for 45 to 50 minutes. The top should be golden and there should be no milk left at the bottom when it’s done. If there is you probably misread my instructions about the “dashes” – but you can try to drain some off.

    And that’s Nana’s famous Mac and cheese! Happy holidays!

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