More Scenes from Thanksgiving, Part Deux

My family came up to Boston yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving Part Two at my brother’s fiancé’s house. My brother and Mara have been together for over 8 years and her family has become like family to me. Her family is a ball of pure fun, they love their wine, and I am constantly laughing when I am with them. Sounds like a fun time to me!

Here are some pics of our Boston Thanksgiving at Mara’s house.

Mara’s Dad, Harry. He made sure our glasses were filled the entire night.



One of the only dogs I love. Zo-Zo!




It apparently takes 4 American women to make 1 Greek pie. I have a whole new appreciation for Phyllo. That stuff is IMPOSSIBLE to cook with!







After an early dinner, we then hit the town and all the kids went out to a couple of bars around Boston. The whole day was a blast and my head hit the pillow hard at 12:30am and I slept like a baby. Those are the best days!

Heading back to CT today after a pumpkin filled brunch at Mara’s. Toodles!

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