A Typical Friday

Good morning! Getting a late start this morning but wanted to post a quick recap of Friday.

It was a pretty typical Friday around here, meaning that I work on Organic Chem all morning since I don’t have class (I am taking Organic Chem online), took a long walk and ventured downtown at night.



Pumpkin Oats with Raisins, Slivered Almonds, Cinnamon and some Almond Butter. I also stirred in an egg white for the first time for some protein. These oats kept me FULL. I think the added protein and fat really helped.

Then I hit up Starbucks to do a few hours of work. I was SO distracted and barely got any actual work done, but oh well, I’ll find time to make up for it.



I love my pretty Starbucks! There is an upstairs to it which makes it a perfect place to work.

Lunch was really simple:


Sweet potatoes, spinach, baked tofu.

I headed out for a walk in the park for an hour or so while talking to my Dad and catching up about a bunch of stuff. The sun was shining and it was finally a little bit warmer in the city.

Then, it was time to celebrate with the birthday girl! We went to Leyla’s in the West Village with about 10 girls.


So pictured above is the STAR of the meal… one of the better things I have eaten in a while. Hot, crusty, pumpkin spiced rolls. Straight outta the oven with some melted butter. Oh man, it tasted like a pumpkin spiced donut plus a roll all in one. It was SO good! The wine was also a star. The table shared a few bottles of the Pinot Noir.

For my entree, I ordered something I hadn’t ever ordered before… gnocchi. These little pillows of live were super rich so i didn’t finish the dish, but it was delicious. Served with butternut squash and a creamy sauce.



We went out to a bar in the East Village afterward because one of my friends was having a going away party before she moves out to the West Coast. It was a fun night, and Romy was a trooper– she was feeling sick and sneezing all over the place last night but kept on going.

Hope you had a good Friday… off to Starbucks (my 2nd home) to get this grad school app going!

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