WIAW {Nov.7.2012}

Hi guys!

BRR. It is chilly and snowy in NYC. Crazy!! I hope you are all staying warm out there 🙂

I remembered to capture what I ate yesterday for Jen’s What I ate Wednesday series. So here ya are…


Ok I lied. I didn’t remember to take a pic of my breakfast but it was pretty much this ^ (recycled pic). I made pumpkin oats using skim milk and water. I added a drizzle of Almond Butter and crushed walnuts to the top.

I then headed down to Anatomy class and sat in our lecture for just over an hour. Then, it was time to meet up with the Birthday Girl!! I met Romy for coffee at Rockefeller Center and had a large coffee with skim milk as we chatted and caught up for about an hour and a half. It was such good quality time and I’m so happy the busy girl squeezed me into her day.

At this point, the storm in NYC had started. It was pouring outside and had even started snowing. I was freezing cold and getting totally soaked as I walked to the subway. I forgot an umbrella yesterday but thankfully did have my huge puffy winter coat with a hood.

I stopped in to grab lunch on my way to the subway. Usually, I pack lunch, but I didn’t have a chance yesterday and it was nice to eat out for a change anyway. Because of the bad weather, I was not about to be picky on where I went, so I literally just went somewhere that looked quick and easy and DRY.


I sat myself at the bar at Burger Heaven, scanned the menu and found that they had all day omelets (!!) and sweet potato fries. DONE.



Egg white omelette with spinach, mushrooms and peppers with cheddar. Sweet ‘tater fries and whole wheat toast. Delicious. This totally hit the spot! I ate most of it except for a few of the fries and I think I left one piece of toast.

I then went alll the way back downtown to Anatomy Lab, during which I dissected a CAT!! I’ve never dissected anything before so this was all pretty new to me.

My lab partner Mike was like, “Jamie how do you feel about the dissection– think you’re going to be okay?” and I was like “Pssshh yea of course, I’ll be fine”.

Well, let me tell you, this was not anything like I had expected. Once my professor walked in with the first cat on a tray, it was a whole other story. My eyes bugged out of my head, I started squirming in my seat, I turned away, several “omg omg omg”‘s came out of my mouth… it was SO weird to actually see it there.

Mike: “I thought you were going to be okay!!”

Me: “I will. Just give me a second!!”

Mike: “Breath, breath….”

After a while, I finally got used to it and was able to do everything I needed to do, but man, I was not mentally prepared for what that whole experience was like.


Anywho, once I trekked all the way back uptown, it was full on snowing out. I made my way home after almost slipping on the sludge like 18 times, and got a little bit of work done while sipping on several mugs of tea.


When I started thinking about dinner, I couldn’t decide what I wanted. I had a lot of random leftovers in the fridge, but couldn’t make up my mind on what to put together. So instead I just decided to throw it ALL together in a big pot, heat it up and call it dinner 🙂

This is how amazing Concoctions are born.



In this bowl of magic:

  • Leftover Cauliflower Tahini Salad
  • Mushrooms
  • 1 beautiful looking pear that I found, chopped up
  • Raisins
  • Few spoonfuls of brown rice
  • Few pieces of baked tofu
  • Handful of spinach
  • 1 T fig jam, mixed in (random but I wanted something sweet)
  • 2 T sharp cheddar cheese
  • a couple small slices of brie, broken up into little pieces

Man, this bowl had SO MUCH going on but it came together well. Veggies, brown rice, tofu, some fruit and sweetness added, and cheese. What more can you ask for?

It was a low key kinda night around here… The Voice was watched, some work was done, some catching up with the parents and friends, nothing too special.

Before bed I had a snack because I started getting hungry and I cannot fall asleep if I am hungry. No can do. So I had some carrots and almond butter. Totally random but it hit the spot!


And that’s about it! Aside from a Nor’easter hitting the city, it was a pretty laid back Wednesday. Stay warm!!

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