A Very Special Birthday

Today is the 27th birthday of one of my best friends, Romy.


Romy and I have been through a lot, to say the least. We met Freshman year of college as we were pledging the same sorority, and it was literally love at first sight. She knew of me and I knew of her, and when we finally found each other in the same room, we hit it off instantly.


It was fun looking back at pictures because I literally have hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Romy and I. We did everything together in college. We lived together almost the entire time, plus we spent a summer together in California. We also lived together for two years in NYC after graduating college.


I can’t tell you how many costumes and ridiculous outfits we wore together. When you’re in a sorority, it seems like you never wear real clothes…



We went on a ton of vacations together. From France, to Puerto Vallerta for Spring Break, we were pretty much always at each others’ side.



Romy and I can talk about anything. Anything anything anything. The amount of time we spent on each others’ beds in college either talking about the night before or just rambling about anything is impressive.

Romy knows the ins and outs of who I am. What makes me insecure, what makes me happy, how I have changed over the years, and what my dreams have been. I can take one look at Romy and know exactly what she is thinking. I can hear her laugh and know if she really thinks something is funny.

Romy is one of the most honest and strong women I know. She doesn’t hold anything back and wears her heart on her sleeve. I admire her for that and for so much more.



Friendships ebb and flow over the years, and ours certainly has. We have been through a lot, and as we both grow and change, our friendship has endured quite a bit. But we go so far back, and our relationship goes so deep, that I know we will be friends forever.

Romy Romes… you deserve to have any amazing year. I love you– BH&BH. Love, your LL.


2 thoughts on “A Very Special Birthday

  1. Well, nothing like starting a birthday a little teary-eyed…and in the best way possible! What a touching post and trip down memory lane which, from what we can all see, is pretty freakin’ awesome. I’m tempted to take issue with pic #7 but I’ll reserve commentary because even (especially?) that one makes me smile.

    Jams, you’ve been there through it all and I know you will always be there for me, as I will always be there for you. I’m so thankful for our strong friendship, and very proud of you and where you’re taking your dreams. I’m right there with you the whole way.

    p.s. remember when I couldn’t even follow a recipe correctly?!?!? OOPS.

    • Had to put number 7 in there. was going to add a caption but decided to let it go šŸ™‚ it was craaazzyy looking back at all of our pics, also made me teary-eyed. Happy birthday love. Xoxoxoxoxox.

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