The Man Can Cook: On Being Told to Stay Out of the Kitchen

There are few things in life greater than when someone tells you to sit the heck down, relax, and they will cook you dinner.  I cook all the time, and while I do enjoy it, it definitely does take a lot of effort and planning. So when my friend Ken said he wanted to have a couple of us over to cook us dinner, I couldn’t wait. This wasn’t like, “oh let’s cook dinner together”. This was like, “I am going to cook you dinner. You are going to sit there and chill out and not help at all whatsoever.” Well, okay! I was totally on board.

I walked in at 7:30 on the dot and the delicious smells were already starting to fill the apartment. Ken hadn’t revealed what he was going to make prior to us going over, so he finally told me what was on the menu: smoked salmon scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and arugula salad. Breakfast for dinner! One of my favorites.

He had to kick me out of the kitchen about twice, and I finally got the point that I really wasn’t helping. Katie brought over some wine, so we happily sat there sharing some wine while Ken cooked (in his pajamas I should add), taste tested, and had total control over the kitchen.


I asked Ken why he chose this dish. I mean, having a couple girls over and cooking for them must have been QUITE the pressure. Smile He said it’s all ingredients he loves and it resembles what you may find at a NYC brunch. In fact, one of his favorite dishes ever comes from a restaurant in NY called Veselka, where they serve your typical Eggs Benedict on top of potato pancakes. Ken likes to eat really healthy, so he took that inspiration and created this dish, making each component slightly healthier.  For the eggs, he started by sautéing the onions, then added the eggs (about half egg whites/half whole) and at the end added the smoked salmon. IMG_3919

The capers were added to the eggs for flavor. He also said that he added a lemon vinaigrette to the arugula (just lemon juice and olive oil) to add some acidity to the meal since the salmon/capers were salty. Um, wow! That is a lot of thought he put into it right there. What a smart guy. IMG_3917

For the ‘taters, he simply roasted them in the oven with a little bit of olive oil, S&P. Served alongside ketchup made this girl quite happy.


Overall, the entire experience was awesome. Not having to think and not having to touch anything in the kitchen was a welcomed change. The food was delicious and satisfying, and I loved every bite. Although I doubted that Ken was ever going to actually cook for us (he had talked about this before), he totally pulled through and really  impressed me. Thanks again, Ken  Smile

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