Battle of the Breakfasts: Chobani Flagship vs. Oatmeals

This if from my friend Beth who was set on trying out two new breakfast pop-ups in NYC!

I set out to determine which of the two latest breakfast pop-ups would reign as breakfast champion.  Drumroll please… And the winner is! Chobani! (On account of an Oatmeals‘ forfeit.  More on that technicality later.)

If you love breakfast as much as I do then you were equally “geek-cited” to hear that Chobani opened a flagship store in Soho.  My imagination raced, what kind of wondrous things could they do to spice up my every day yogurt??!  Upon looking at the menu online I thought it must be a teaser of all the bountiful yogurt concoctions in my dining future.  Surely they’ve put more thought into this than 10 items?? Lo and behold, I was mistaken, and that’s the entire menu.  (Is that a deflating tire I hear?)

Lackluster menu aside, here are my thoughts…

I ordered the Plain Chobani & Cucumber which contains “Creamy Plain Chobani, Fresh Cucumber, Sea Salt, sprinkled with Fresh Mint, and served with Pita Chips.”  Mine actually did not have mint. They added olive oil, which I preferred.  I must say, as judgmental as I’d been on the store & menu, it was delicious.  Yogurt and cucumber doesn’t sound nearly as impressive as it was. It definitely packed a memorable taste-bud punch!  So much so, in fact, that I’ll probably never return to the store to pay $4 for it, but I will recreate this tasty treat on my own.  Slice up some cucumbers, grab a Cho-Go (Chobani to-go, stay with me people), and add some pita chips… voila – perfect work snack!

So the consensus is, I recommend you go at least once to try it out.  If the purpose of their beautiful, prime SoHo real estate is to increase grocery store sales, then their purpose is well served.  If the point of their smiley handsom wait staff and nice glass containers was to keep me coming back, then they fell fairly short of the mark.

Now on to Oatmeals and their fatal breakfast challenge faux-paux.  I really wanted you to win Oatmeals, I really did.  You even named your sweet section “Happy Endings” which got a chuckle.  Don’t even get me started on your “Hot & Bothered” section.  Sexual innuendos paired with oatmeal is no easy feat.. the ‘ship was yours for the taking!

So what went wrong? Oatmeals – you must be open to partake in the challenge.  For a breakfast oatmeal bar that serves both breakfast and savory dinner-esk oatmeal, I expect the store to be open at the wee hours of the morning, and well into the night.  Kind of like Starbucks, you just know they’ll always be there.  Not to mention they are located on MacDougal Street where 99% of the population are late-night munchie fiends!  I made two separate trips to the quaint, easily-missed store. Once was slightly before 6pm closing on Wednesday, only to be greeted by dark windows. I then arrived this morning at 6:57 only to be told that you will be opening in 15 minutes! 15 MINUTES! I know, I know you don’t care about my guest blog-post, but New Yorkers don’t wait 15 minutes for oatmeal… Starbucks has it next door.  (Although I’ll probably be back, your menu spoke to my sick humor. You live to be reviewed another day Oatmeals…)

Have any of you tried Oatmeals?? Post comments if you think I should make a 3rd trek! 

7 thoughts on “Battle of the Breakfasts: Chobani Flagship vs. Oatmeals

  1. Hey there! Thanks for sharing Beth’s finds. We’re thrilled she enjoyed Chobani SoHo so much, and we think she’ll have to come back with you next time!


  2. I have a oatmeal pancake recipe. I usually cook once every 3 – 4 days and stack the pancakes in my fridge for a quick tasty and healthy breakfast before heading to gym. =)

    Anyone who wants the recipe can reply here or message and I send you.



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