Reflections on the Healthy Living Summit 2012

When I last posted, I was on my way to Boston to attend my first Healthy Living Summit. This is the fourth time that one of these conferences has been held, and after reading about the three prior, I was so excited to finally attend for the first time.

I decided not to do a whole chronological recap, but instead I wanted to share a few of my reflections and takeaways. So, as someone who is new to blogging and new to these conferences, here are some of my post- HLS reflections:

Taking Risks Can Be So Worth It

It was intimidating going into a weekend with about 200 women my age from all over the country knowing nobody. It was intimidating rooming with 3 strangers, randomly walking up to so many people and introducing myself, speaking up about my opinions, and introducing myself to the various brands that were there. It doesn’t come easy to me, but I did it anyway.

My roommates were incredible. After literally 3 minutes of meeting each other, we were drinking wine together, trying on clothes, getting dressed up, talking about our backgrounds, laughing and swapping stories.

(Roomies! Shannon, Ashley, Me, Melissa)

Everytime I sat down in a new place, at a new table, in a new session, I tried to introduce myself to my neighbors. I tried to be open. It started to get easier and easier, and I made a lot of new friends.

Of course it’s hard to step out of your comfort zone, but every now and then, taking that risk can really pay off.

Be Authentic. Be Authentic. Be Authentic.

If there is one lesson I learned from the Healthy Living Summit, it is this. I try to be real and genuine and authentic in everything that I do, and it’s something I strive to live by every single day. I was SO happy to hear that this message came across by so many women this weekend. Whether it be with blogging, or just life in general, being true to yourself is key.

The message that came across is that when blogging and creating a name for yourself, be authentic. Don’t write about things you don’t believe in. Stand up for what you do believe in. If you want to write a long post about your dog, write it. If you want to write about what you ate for breakfast, write it. If it feels right to *you*, then do it. That is what your readers will appreciate and that is what will ultimately lead you to success in whatever you’re trying to do. I can’t agree with this more and I was so happy to hear this message reiterated so many times at the Healthy Living Summit.

(My roomies (same as above) + our 5th adopted roommate, Kristin)

I think that this is so important to stick to when meeting new people as well. Your blog doesn’t need to fit a certain mold, and neither do you. Be yourself, and nothing can be better than that.

Be Patient

As a blog newbie, this was an important lesson for me. Your blog, your brand, or anything in life takes time to build. Things don’t happen overnight, so just learn to enjoy the journey, take small steps toward your goal and have fun along the way.

Biggest Newbie Mistake

No Business Cards!- Do the Business Card thaanng. Silliest mistake I made was not having Business Cards. Next time I will be prepared!

The Healthy Living Blogging Community is Amazing.

For me, anyway. I felt like I had so much in common with the people I met.  Before leaving for the weekend, I was telling some of my home friends that I felt like I was going to be around “my people”. People who had similar visions, similar passions and liked to carry out similar lifestyles. Although there was a TON of variety among all of us, I definitely felt at home within this community. The people I met are so fun, incredibly passionate, and just flat out nice people.  They are also very supportive and helpful. We are all pursuing something similar, and helping each other get there. The amount of resources that I walked away with to help me grow is amazing.

(Melanie and Caroline)

And that’s about it for now. Thank you again to Julie, Meghann and Heather for hosting such a well-rounded, influential Summit. You all definitely pulled it off!


21 thoughts on “Reflections on the Healthy Living Summit 2012

  1. Beautiful post! I love your quotes about authenticity and this one: “Your blog, your brand, or anything in life takes time to build. Things don’t happen overnight, so just learn to enjoy the journey, take small steps toward your goal and have fun along the way.” Such a great reminder for me to take time and slow down with building a blog. And enjoy the ride. Love it.

  2. Love love LOVE this post!! and hafta admit my stupidity that I thought all the roomies knew eachother before HLS!! Shows how awesomely friendly and just plain cool you girls are 😉

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  4. Hey Jamie! I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. I’m also trying to churn out meals from a tiny NYC studio, so it’s fun to see how others are managing too. HLS sounds like it was awesome. I considered going, but then never really made the plans. Probably partly from a little insecurity about going. It’s awesome that you took the plunge. I wish I had!

    • Thanks so much for following and letting me know! We should definitely do a little NYC meetup! NYC Studios rule 🙂 And yes it was definitely hard to take the plunge but so worth it. Maybe think about going next year?

  5. Great recap, Jamie! I’m so glad you had a good time – I totally know what you mean about feeling awkward just going up to complete strangers and introducing yourself. But the good thing about it is that almost everyone else is feeling the same exact way! 🙂

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