Off to the Healthy Living Summit

Tomorrow morning I am headed to Boston for the 4th annual Healthy Living Summit. As the morning gets closer, I keep getting more and more excited. The Healthy Living Summit is a weekend conference which brings together bloggers and blog readers who are all interested in healthy living. I’ve read about this conference for four years, and this year I was finally ready to take the plunge and actually sign up to go.

I am definitely a little nervous going into the weekend. I know that there will be a couple hundred girls there, and many of them already know each other. Some of them have even been in each others weddings. However, nerves don’t really matter. What matters is that this weekend will be an amazing learning experience and I know I will come out of it with unique connections to a lot of like-minded people. Aside from the people I’ll meet, everything I get out of this weekend is also going to help me grow my blog, which has become a really special part of my life. My excitement far outweighs any nerves. I can’t wait to see what the weekend brings!

(Follow me on instagram @studioeats for pics of the weekend by iPhone!)


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