On Family Time: A Day in the City with Grandma

My grandma is a very special lady. She is actually the only one of my grandparents who is still alive. She is one of the strongest women I know, she is filled with love, and so young at heart. I’ve learned a lot from my grandma: how to live in the moment, how to give people my undivided attention,  how to laugh and not take life so seriously all the time, and how to wait for a man who makes my heart “pitter-pat”.

My grandma values time with her family above anything else. So lately, since my siblings and I are all in NYC, she has been making trips in to the city to spend days with us. Yesterday, we took her to B Cafe on the Upper East Side for one of the best brunches I have had in New York. The food was SO fresh and delicious.

B Cafe is a Belgian Restaurant, so they had several egg dishes, Croque Madame and Monsieurs,  in additional to a classic Belgian waffle. We were all feelin’ the eggs yesterday. I ordered an egg white omelet with smoked salmon, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and gruyere. Salad on the side. Obviously, coffee on the side too.

My sister had the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon:

And the lady of the hour had the Norwegian Salad with smoked salmon and a poached egg. My grandma loves her poached eggs!

Ladies who brunch:

Afterwards, we walked a few blocks over to the Whitney Museum. My grandma has been wanting to go to this museum for a while. Unfortunately, my Grandma was not a huge fan of it by the end of the day. It was all American Art, and although I thought certain exhibits were really interesting and made me think, my Grandma felt “uninspired”

They had one exhibit all about opinions including those surrounding politics, love, war, and just general expression. It was the only floor where we were allowed to take photos, so I captured a few. I actually really liked this. It made me think about all of the ways we express ourselves, various political movements, and how far we have come as a country in some areas.

The coolest part of our experience, and the one thing that redeemed the visit for my grandma, was an exhibit called “Fireflies on the Water”. There is a room with windows all around it decorated with hanging lights, meant to resemble fireflies. You walk in individually for exactly 1 minute, stand on a small platform, and are completely enclosed by mirrors and water on the ground. My sister snuck in a camera and was able to get an incredible picture:

Pretty cool, huh? My grandma thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread. She loved it.

We then headed to the park and did some walking, grabbed a cold drink and then parted ways.

Next time, we said we want to do a tour of Grand Central. That whole place is just one big mystery to me. Until next time, Grandma!

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