A Weekend Recap: Spectating the Fairfield Half Marathon

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was mainly spent in CT where I went to cheer on two of my friends as they ran the Fairfield Half Marathon. I came back feeling refreshed and of course quite sunburned. Here is a short recap of my weekend:

Friday started off with a relaxed girls night with a couple of my friends. My friend Katie cooked while I sat back and watched. It was nice to have someone else in the kitchen!


She cooked up an awesome meal. Whole wheat bow tie pasta, shrimp, squash, and spinach with a chunky tomato sauce and quality parmesan. She is a parm snob so she brought her own over. Apparently, mine wasn’t good enough 😉

Brunch with a couple of friends at Uva on Saturday morning after a bootcamp class at the gym. Review of Uva coming soon!


Then we headed to CT. Saturday afternoon was spent hanging out at my friend Kenny’s beach house and then Saturday night we went to my house and hung out with my sister and her two friends. We ordered pizza and pasta so Katie could carb load and I could pretend like I needed to carb load too 😉

Up bright and early on Sunday! We picked up Kenny at 7am in order to get a parking spot before an 8:30am start. We got ourselves situated, picked up their bibs, and took some pictures on the beach:



There were several vendors set up with food and supplies for the runners. I grabbed some swag from Whole Foods since I get amped up about anything free. We hung out in the shade, stretched, and drank some water. At around 8:10 we headed over to the start line where they separate the men and women. I hadn’t seen this before, but instead of putting people in corrals, they had two different start lines – one for the men and one for the women. At the beginning of the race, they head off in different directions and then meet up a few minutes into the race.

With about 10 minutes to go, I wished Kenny luck and went with Katie to the women’s start.


Katie was incredibly relaxed and excited about the race. I gave her a lot of credit—if that had been me, I would have been a nervous wreck!


And off they go….


I then dropped off all of my stuff in the car and booked it over to our designated meeting spot. Katie wanted me at mile 9 since she thought miles 9-11 would be her most difficult. The course went out and made a big loop, so I knew exactly where I needed to meet her. I walk/ran the 2.5 miles to meet up with her and then began cheering for the runners as I waited. Katie was able to text me during the run and I tried to motivate her to get to where I was.


Finally, I heard her yell my name and saw her coming up the hill looking GREAT. She asked if I’d run with her and I quickly scooped up my stuff and started running along. The funniest part about the day was how quiet Katie was during the next mile and a half. Katie NEVER stops talking. Ever. We joke about it all the time. But during the next 1.5 miles, not a peep. I wasn’t sure how to best help her at this point. Talk to her? Just be quiet? Distract her? Talk about the beer she could enjoy later in the day? I think I tried every tactic and then I just shut up and ran. Katie runs at a much faster pace than me so I think I didn’t have an option other than to just be quiet and run with her after a while.

I left Katie at around mile 10.5 and said I’d see her at the finish. As soon as I stopped, I realized Kenny was probably right behind. I turned around and saw him heading toward me. He looked awesome and like he wasn’t even sweating it! I ran with him until mile 11 and then he said he wanted to speed up to take off and finish strong. Off he went!

I ran most of the rest of the race with the runners. It was kind of weird running with them, but nobody cared and people probably just thought I was a runner sans bib. I loved this aspect of the race—it was so laid back and very easy-going, much different from many NYC races.

I met up with both of them at the finish and they both looked awesome. This was Kenny’s first race ever, and both of their first half marathons. They killed it, coming in at 1:53 and 1:54 which is insane for their first time. I am so proud of them and hope that they realize how big of an accomplishment this is.

Half marathoners!!!


After they got some watermelon and water in them, we headed home and quickly back to the city. The rest of the night was spent with some celebratory beers out on my balcony and some time with Garth, my friend’s dog.



He was pooped by the end of the night. As were we.


How was your weekend? Any recommendations for how to be a good race spectator and what to say to runners to motivate them while they are running?

4 thoughts on “A Weekend Recap: Spectating the Fairfield Half Marathon

  1. That is so nice of you to go cheer on your friends – I bet it meant a lot to them. CT is my home state 😀 woot woot!! I heard that Farfield course is great 🙂

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