On Preparing for the Week

They say that failing to plan means planning to fail. I do think there is a lot of truth to this, especially when it comes to achieving goals that are sometimes difficult. Eating healthy throughout the week can definitely be a struggle. We are busy, we are tired, we try to do a million things at once, and so many unknowns always come up.

Coming off of a weekend of pizza and frozen yogurt, I want to have a somewhat healthier next few days. I can feel my body craving vegetables, fruit and simple homemade food. So yesterday I spent just two hours getting together some delicious and healthy food for the week.

photo (6)

Here we have my turkey burgers:

photo 2

Sweet potato fries courtesy of Tina’s Tutorial:

photo 4

Simple Quinoa because I like to have at least one grain on hand, and my Compost Cookies:

photo 2

These are for packing to go alongside a salad for lunch or for snacks.

I tried to think ahead and make a few healthy things to have on hand that weren’t totally boring. Sure I also bought plenty of fruits and vegetables but it’s nice to have a few actual recipes that I cooked to add some variety. Planning ahead definitely helps me stick to my goals. Now I can go into the next few days knowing I have delicious food that I actually look forward to waiting for me.

Here’s to a healthy week!

How do you prep for the week ahead? Do you have any staples that you cook on Sundays to have throughout the week?


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