On Balance: When a Fro-Yo Dinner is the Right Option

After a long day which began with an early alarm and a kick-butt workout, my original plan for the night began to crumble. One of my best friends, Romy, and I had grand plans to cook a healthy quinoa dish because she claims she can’t cook quinoa. I told her of COURSE she can cook quinoa. It is so easy and I promised I’d show her.

Well, at about 5:30 pm we exchanged some emails which basically went like this… Romy: “are you still on for dinner?” Me: “yea i mean I coullldd cook if you really wanted to but I’m kind of not in the mood. Actually just feel like froyo. But whatever you want.” Romy: “Yea, i am brain dead and cooking sounds like too much. Froyo. 6:15.”

And that is how a rainy night turned into two girls kickin’ back with fro-yo for dinner and some deep couch talk. Yea, I believe in health and vegetables and all that jazz, but I also believe in doing what makes you happy and having a relaxed approach to a healthy lifestyle. Plus, I added blueberries to my giant heaping bowl of fro-yo, so that basically makes it super healthy 😉

Here’s Romy and I, a picture from my brother’s engagement party last weekend:

Romy and I have been friends since freshman year of college. We were sorority sisters, lived in CA for a summer together, lived together throughout college, lived together for two years in NYC and now have our own places. So grown up!

In other news… I bought tickets to the Healthy Living Summit!!! I am pumped but also pretty nervous. I’ve only been blogging for a few months and am very new to this world. BUT, you have to step out of your comfort zone at some point right?

I’m also really excited that it is in Boston. I haven’t been to Boston for a couple of years but really love the city.

Stay tuned for a restaurant review tonight! I have a date with my little sis at a restaurant I’ve heard a ton about and have been wanting to try 🙂



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