Roasted Yellow Beets

Man, some pictures of vegetables are just so pretty! I came across these yellow (or orange?) beets in the grocery store and decided to give cooking them a shot. I used to think beets were gross, but somewhere along the way in the last couple of years I have started eating them more often. I usually add them in to my salads at salad bars, and you now see them popping up on a ton of restaurant menus.

The thought of buying canned beets doesn’t sound too appetizing, but these colorful fresh beets caught my eye, so I decided to try cooking them from scratch. The colors remind me of a sunrise which is one of my favorite things in the world. Sunrises and sunsets make me happy… everytime.

I gave these guys a scrub and cut off their greens. I kept the greens for future use, although I have no idea what I’ll do with them yet.

After their scrub down, I put the beet heads in two layers of tin foil and placed them in a 400 degree oven.

I kept reading that beets can take various amounts of time to cook- some take 25 minutes, some take hours, depending on the particular beet and how “ripe” it is. Mine took about 45 minutes but could have probably used another 15 or 20. But I got impatient, as usual.

Once they were out of the foil, I allowed them to cool for a few minutes and then used a small knife to peel them. The skin came off easily- parts of it could just be peeled with my fingers, and on other parts I used the knife. I think if I had kept these in the oven for longer, the skin would have peeled off without needing a knife at all.

I ate one of these beets chopped up with brown rice, corn and salsa for a quick lunch. These would be great with feta and/or goat cheese, on top of a salad, or even on their own. If you’ve never had a beet, or a fresh beet made in your own kitchen, I would definitely recommend giving this a shot! These guys are packed with nutrients and although they look like lemons, they are as sweet as can be 🙂


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